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Luke Hemmings Dirty Imagine

So my friend wrote this for me, because he’s awesome and I love Luke so yeah..

Its 10 o’clock, you’re with your boyfriend Luke who you haven’t seen in 5 months because hes been touring. He tells you how much he missed you and that hes got a few surprises for you. He pulls out a picnic basket and says ‘You ready for our moonlight picnic?’ You ask ‘wont there be people there?’ he replies ‘no I’ve made sure that no one will disturb us’. He grabs your hand and you head to the park. When u reach the park, he lays down a blanket on the grass under an apple tree, you both have a perfect view of the moon. You sit down and cuddle, he slowly moves his hands down your back until he reaches your ass. He grabs it and squeezes it, you look at him but before you have time to do anything he kisses you. His lips are so soft and a little moist, he opens your mouth with his lips and slips his tongue in, feeling around before withdrawing. You look at him, you stroke his blonde hair, he bits his lips and you notice a boner appearing. He says ‘Are you ready for your surprise?’ and he takes off his shirt, his abs send you wild, then he takes off his jeans and there he is in his boxers, his dick nearly bursting out. He undresses you but leaves you in your underwear. he kissed your breasts, carefully sucking each nipple at a time, he then reaches for your underwear and rips it off,you rip off his boxers in return, revealing his 9 inch dick, he says ‘its grown, don’t you think?’. You both get under the blanket, you lick his dick before you give him a proper suck, he starts moaning wanting more. he rolls you over and eats you out, you start cumming everywhere, he dips his finger in it and licks it seductively, he then finally sticks his dick in you and you feel it throbbing in you, you scream his name and he goes harder. He takes it out and cums all over you, both covered in cum, you want to give Luke a handjob before he loses interest, you tug on him, gently then harder and harder until he squirts it into your mouth, then feeling more than satisfied, you both rest, then Luke says ‘Are you hungry?’ and you begin eating the picnic completely naked.


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